Knotty Girl is a visual reminder of what breast cancer can feel like...Round and Hard like a KNOT! Her mission is to educate on the importance of monthly self-breast exams, early detection is the best prevention!

"I would like thank and dedicate this eStore to my husband, daughter and family, friends and the medical staff that saved my life and to the Warriors around the world who lost the battle and can’t be here today to educate others.

Thanks to my journey as a survivor and vision and Kristy Harris, Graphic Artist, Designer of Knotty Girl Image and Social Media, Knotty Girl’s rope and knot body image will always be alive and ready to share her mission with LOVES and hopes of increasing breast cancer survivors." -Diana Albritton, Knotty Girl Founder

We welcome you to share her mission, website and the with your family, friends, coworkers, patients, clients and “The WORLD” as this cancer effects all genders!

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